The Amparo service has been operating since April 2015, initially in Cheshire and Merseyside

Since its launch, the service has grown significantly and is now also operational in Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Kent & Medway, Coventry & Warwickshire and Hampshire & Isle of Wight.

The Amparo footprint covers a population of over 10 million people, or approximately 18% of the population of England, making it the largest provider of support after suicide in the country. Within these areas, there are significant demographic differences, in particular their population make up and the diversity of their communities. Amparo has been successful in both urban and rural areas, providing a service that is individualised for each beneficiary.

Amparo Liaison Workers start the contact process with all referrals within 24 hours, offering the first appointment within 7 days of making contact. At the initial meeting, a comprehensive assessment (including risk) is completed. The liaison workers then prepare an individualised plan with appropriate wrap-around support.

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