The team

Amparo is delivered by Listening Ear (Merseyside), a charity with over 25 years’ experience of supporting people through bereavement. Our Amparo Suicide Liaison Workers and their Team Leaders are recruited for their skills in listening with empathy and solving the practical issues involved in dealing with bereavement by suicide. They’re non-judgemental and between them have decades of experience in providing support to those who have lost someone.

Our Amparo Suicide Liaison Workers are based in their localities and know the support agencies that are available to help.

What our team say about Amparo

Knowing you’ve been able to help people and family’s at what is one of the most traumatic times of their lives

Good to feel I can make a difference in the darkest hours of life when the client is feeling lost, bemused, angry, sad, foggy headed.

Being able to listen to their worries about what’s unveiling about the deceased unknown lifestyle they’re often not able to discuss with close family and friends

Good to feel like we make a difference no matter how small it may seem

Crucial to be there at the most critical time in someone’s life