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“After a tragic death that impacted all workers within a team, I reached out to Amparo for support.

As with any death, it provokes everyone’s own personal experience of previous bereavements, making it difficult to navigate.  Amparo brought their expert knowledge and were able to respond in a timely manner, offering a range of options for support.  The team chose to come together in a virtual safe space to reflect and this was facilitated by one of the team at Amparo.  The whole of the team valued this opportunity and reported that it assisted them.

I would urge anyone in similar circumstances to explore the support on offer.”



“Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams I would need support from Amparo.

On 20th January 2022, my Mum’s birthday, I discovered she’d taken her own life. It was like an explosion, the pain and devastation will never leave me. I also had to go through to the hospital to tell my dad, who was in hospital with Covid. My sisters and our families just couldn’t believe what had happened. I remember that evening getting a call from the corners office telling me they had passed my details over to Amparo. At that moment I couldn’t even imagine how I’d be able to speak about finding mum and didn’t think I’d be able to talk.

I received a call from our local liaison worker; such a lovely lady, I knew from the tone of her voice, she truly cared about our new situation and simply wanted to be there for me. From January and ongoing we arrange a chat and she listens and most importantly comforts and reassures me that all the feelings I’m having and have had are normal and I’m not alone.

I truly don’t know what I’d have done without the support from Amparo.

To have Amparo support for my dad, sister & myself has been so very important. I thank everyone who’s helped us from the bottom of my heart.

If you’re struggling with the effects from bereavement by suicide do not hesitate to contact Amparo. This remarkable team in my opinion are professional, friendly and most importantly caring.

Thank you!”

What people say about Amparo

We strongly felt that Amparo was the best support agency we dealt with during this difficult time and that a was a credit to you

It was comforting to know there was someone I could call if necessary

Somebody arriving at my home who really DID know what was happening to me was wonderful and allowed me to say what I wanted/needed and not just what my visitors felt I ought to be saying

Amazing support from Amparo. Helped me so much to not feel guilty and to allow myself to feel the hurt and pain that I didn’t want to feel. Helped me to realise how to deal with those triggers when they pop up

Absolutely fantastic organisation. Thank you so much for all the help and support I have received

Fabulous support – just knowing you are there is a massive help. I’ve never felt so much pain and confusion. I know if it gets too much I can message or call. Thank you!

Amazing support at the most difficult time. Really helped me to understand and acknowledge my feelings

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me back in a good state of mind. I can’t thank you enough

I honestly can’t thank this organisation enough, I would not have got through the past 6 months without the amazing support I have received